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Striving for Humanity 3.0…


Welcome to the new TEDxCalgary blog on WordPress, our place to ponder some of the issues surrounding our event in April 2010.

TEDxCalgary’s theme is Humanity 3.0: Leadership the World Needs Now. The theme is a deliberate response to the main TED2010 theme of “What the World Needs Now”. While we’re not yet at version 3.0 of humanity, we can aspire to be much better humans than we are now.

Sub-Themes: Youth, Elders, Conflict and Poverty

Within our event theme, we’ll be looking at two key leadership resources that we often overlook or fail to engage effectively: youth and elders.

Youth are a source of hope for our future, and provide us with a sense of energy and urgency to make changes that will help secure their future. But how do we engage them in ways that are meaningful, authentic, and compelling? Likewise with elders. As we advance into an uncertain future, one of our risks is that we neglect to take stock of the wisdom we already have at our disposal. Elders don’t necessarily mean seniors: in our view, they mean any source of wisdom and thoughtful reflection available to us.

We also grapple with two seemingly intractable leadership challenges: conflict and poverty.

Conflict has been a continually wasteful pattern of human history, one of the cycles we must strive to break if we wish to move to a new and better form of humanity. Similarly, we seem unable to deal with the challenge of poverty and the growing divide between “have” and “have not” in so much of the world. At a time of vast wealth and seemingly limitless abundance in the “developed” world, the majority of humans live in comparative poverty. Addressing poverty also creates the prospect of its own negative dynamic: that we create expectations for continuing growth and consumption in the world that the earth’s natural system can’t sustain.

TEDxCalgary doesn’t have the answers, but we begin our journey with the inspiration to think deeply — and better — about the issues at hand.

Join us on April 29, 2010 and help us to explore Humanity 3.0…

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