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Making connections


For any of us working with the TEDxCalgary organizing committee, there are an amazing number of connections to be made within an event like this.

The first — and ultimately most valuable — connection we make is to others interested in the sharing of “Ideas worth spreading” (the TED tag line, if you don’t already recognize it). This means YOU… as a current or future volunteer, as a potential participant, or as a possible speaker.

In the few short months where we’ve been working on this event, we have had an amazing opportunity to connect with passionate, talented, and caring people from all sorts of backgrounds. Daily, people come forward to offer their ideas, their energy, and their support. These are the people who will help us build a remarkable community of  “TEDx-ers” across the city.

A second connection is between the ideas themselves. Our work as an organizing committee has focused on taking a range of very complex issues — the roles of youths and elders in society, conflict and poverty — and trying to make some meaningful connections about how to address the opportunities and challenges these issue areas contain. Many people have helped us in this effort along the way, and every day we seem to develop new and deeper perspectives. As a learning community, this will continue (indeed, accelerate) as more and more people come forward to join in the discussions.

A third set of connections is to the organizations — both non-profit and corporate — who are genuinely interested in lending a hand. They, too, have come forward to offer perspectives and ideas that help us to grow as an organizing team. In many cases, they offer capabilities that we otherwise would not be able to access in the normal course of events. As we move ahead toward our event date, we’re looking forward to showcasing some of those who have contributed so significantly to realizing our ambition of hosting an amazing TEDx event in Calgary.

Ultimately, it is YOU who will contribute most to the success of TEDxCalgary… your ideas, your passions, your efforts to help share the best ideas and actions this city has to offer to its citizens and wider world. Join us in any of our many social media channels (including here!), and deepen the discussions!

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