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The power of strange ideas


From the TEDxNASA event comes this short talk by Steve Shapiro, VP of Strategic Consulting at Innocentive. It nicely expresses what we on the TEDxCalgary organizing committee consider to be a fundamental truth of the TED/TEDx events: it’s the unconventional connections we make and the innovative ideas we share that truly matters.

One of the most powerful features of the TED/TEDx event format is that it brings together strands of thinking that otherwise might be considered strangers. For the TEDxNASA event — titled “Space to Create” and held in November 2009 — this meant bringing in authors, musicians, physicians, consultants and others in addition to the expected group of astronauts and aerospace engineering professionals. The mix of ideas, approaches, and perspectives creates the possibility for some profound and unexpected breakthroughs…

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