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Breaking new ground


Our warmest congratulations to the TEDxYYC team for a great event today, helping to break new ground for the range of 2010 TEDx events occurring across Alberta.

The TEDxYYC event featured a great roster of speakers from a diverse set of backgrounds. In line with the best of TED/TEDx traditions, every speaker shared fresh, innovative ideas that will help to spark the imaginations of the participants and those who (like us) were watching online. To us on the TEDxCalgary organizing committee, the event serves as a strong affirmation of the incredible interest that the Calgary community seems to have in the TEDx initiative.

A recap of Calgary-based TEDx events this week wouldn’t be complete without mention of the TEDxUofC series of events, with upcoming sessions in March and April. Check for more information.

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  1. 2010.02.26 22:56

    Just came back from TEDxYYC and my brain is still buzzing. Rick Castiglione set the tone right away by underlining the importance of storytelling – and stories worth telling. Every speaker provided a new riff on this opening, and Ruben Nelson as Calgary’s elder statesman summed things up at the end of a series of bracing, inspiring calls to action for us as the nascent citizens of a (hopefully) wiser, more humane, more compassionate 21st century civilization. We can begin to glimpse it if we but dare to give free rein to our imaginations and translate into real-life praxis our highest, noblest ideals – no matter what our roles in society may be.

    • 2010.02.28 20:10

      Very well said! We had a chance to watch much of the live webcast for the TEDxYYC event, and share in the excitement of the ideas that were shared with the audience (both “in room” and online). Several of us have had the chance to know and work with Ruben and others on the TEDxYYC speaker roster, and feel the same sense of urgency to make significant breakthroughs in the way we approach profound societal issues. We need better ways to talk about them, jointly develop ideas on how to address them, and a shared sense of responsibility for acting intelligently (and wisely) in all sectors of society.

      Thank you for joining the conversation, and we look forward to more of your insights!

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