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How to spread ideas?


From the TEDBlog comes this interesting guest post on TEDxStockholm week by TEDxStockholm founder and driving force, Teo Härén.

TEDxStockholm weekYou might recall that we highlighted Teo’s thinking in a previous blog post, and the concept that he and the TEDxStockholm team is pursuing is even more provocative: if a day of TEDx is good, wouldn’t a week be even better?

The TEDxCalgary team entirely agrees, as we didn’t set out to have just a day of TEDx activity. Instead, we set out to help support the TEDx concept on a year-round basis, bringing the ideas that TED and TEDx stand for to a daily discourse on ideas.

That’s part of the reason we’ve launched a companion TEDxCalgary community site on Ning, and why we’re now rolling out into the wider community at various events to “talk TEDx” with people who might not be as aware of what TED/TEDx are about as we are.

We also take to heart Teo’s discussion of the qualitiative dimensions of the TED slogan, “Ideas worth sharing”. As we have encountered in our own work, there are several levels of ideas floating about in community. Some demonstrate shallow self-interest, some are very important but still quite conventional in their approach, and others — the ones we’re most interested in profiling — are truly remarkable for the way that they recombine ideas, push boundaries, and compel us to act on them.

We’re hopeful that TEDxCalgary isn’t ever viewed as a day of ideas, but as a movement to help encourage ideas to be shared and acted upon year-round. Although we have a long way to go to reach the momentum already achieved by early adopters like TEDxStockholm, we’re designing our own initiative to go well beyond April 29th and our initial 100 participants. Join us on our TEDxCalgary community extension site, and add your own ideas.

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