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Our thanks, and more to come…


The weather was tumultuous, but TEDxCalgary’s participants, guests, sponsors and volunteers made our inaugural event, Humanity 3.0: Leadership the World Needs Now, a warm gathering of those interested in sharing ideas and moving forward on several fronts!

We would like to recognize the extraordinary commitment and vision of our event curator, Rahim Sajan. It was he who brought us together as a team, and who provided us with quiet guidance throughout our months of planning. He also brought forward the amazing list of speakers we experienced at the event.

The organizing committee also would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the event, starting with our team of volunteers who devoted time, energy, and considerable talent to everything that went into the day. Without them as the core of our effort, we simply wouldn’t have been able to bring you the event.

We also would like to thank you — our speakers, participants, and special guests — for your support and encouragement of our efforts. Our goal was to start a conversation about the types of leadership we need at this point in history, and your active sharing of ideas has set our minds buzzing about the possibilities that events like TEDxCalgary have for helping to build a community of dedicated change-makers. From generating ideas to finding those committed to following through on initiatives that will help us change our perspectives, our communities, and our world, it is YOU who will make events like TEDxCalgary a lasting part of our civic engagement.

Last but certainly not least, we would like to thank all of our sponsors and partners who helped to make the day a reality through their generous contributions of funds, in-kind services, and encouragement (itself a valuable commodity in an initiative like this). We hope that all of our participants and online followers will take time to show their appreciation for the support we’ve been given. Please visit our Sponsors and Partners page for links to each of the organizations that helped to support us.

What Next for TEDxCalgary?

While we’ll be taking a few days to reflect and rest up, look forward to a range of things coming out of TEDxCalgary in the coming days, weeks, and months. Our initial event day set our minds to thinking about ever-more innovative ways to spread the word about TED and TEDx to our communities, and we’ll be coming out to you for even more ideas for future events. We even received our first speaker nomination for next year just this morning!

An initial step is to start posting content from the day, including your feedback and photos, and the videos of our speakers. The process for videos will take a bit of time to complete, as we have considerable footage to edit and combine together to produce the final versions for upload. So, we ask for your patience, and we’ll keep people undated as the video starts to flow out.

That said, we’ll start posting some of the pre-event interviews we did with speakers who ultimately couldn’t be with us on our day. These include Eboo Patel of the Inter-Faith Youth Core; Peter Barnes, author of Capitalism 3.0 (available as a free PDF download); and former Canadian Supreme Court Justice, the Honourable John C. (Jack) Major, C.C., Q.C..

Based on a great suggestion by one of our participants yesterday (thanks to @cathduncan!), we’ll be compiling a list of Twitter names for our speakers (those who have one, of course), so that you can readily follow them as they continue their efforts on a range of fronts.

We’ll also be working on hosting some follow-on events that will continue the conversations already started. Stay tuned for more of these! In the interim, we suggest you keep open the evening of May 26th, when many of us from the TEDxCalgary team will be joining members of the newly-forming “Innovation Exchange” meet-up group for their first public event. We’re very supportive of their efforts, as they have been of ours, and we look forward to sharing ideas moving forward.

Our thanks again to everyone for an amazingly fulfilling first event!

The TEDxCalgary team

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  1. 2010.05.02 14:46

    Thank you to the organizers, volunteers and sponsors, the day was fabulous.

    One of the strongest messages that was conveyed at the event was to think of the people that could not be at the event, how do we get the messages shared with us out to those that also want and need it? I am really looking forward to seeing the videos, and hopefully we can all share those with our friends, families and peers.

    (and PS – for those that have websites and also enjoyed Jay Baydala’s talk, you can add his icon/support badge to your website:

    Shannon (sbk)
    twitter: @sbkelsick

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