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Thinking about next steps


As we get close to wrapping up our “housekeeping” from the inaugural TEDxCalgary event — like getting all our speaker videos posted on the TEDxCalgary playlist on YouTube and feedback submitted — we start to turn our attention to “what next?”

One of the things we very clearly heard from our participants was that the event itself was simply the START of the conversation. That was good to hear, as we never saw the event to be a culmination, but the genesis of something bigger. That said, maintaining a conversation takes time and effort from all concerned, and there has to be some level of purpose behind it.

Consequently, we’ve been working to hook into some existing conversations that may be of interest while we simultaneously start our planning for the next TEDxCalgary (yes, we fully intend to continue to build!). Two that may spark some ideas are the newly-formed Innovation Exchange meet-up group, and the Calgary Timeraiser event, both of which are scheduled for the near future.

The Innovation Exchange meet-up group is a place where social innovators of all stripes and interests can come together to explore opportunities. While they’re only moving into their second event (scheduled for June 30th) and are exploring different ways to structure the events, there are 71 members as of this writing and likely many more to come. As a way to continue some of the conversations started through TEDxCalgary, it’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded folks and also those who will (cordially) challenge your thinking for the better.

We also had opportunity to attend the pre-event VIP party for the Calgary Timeraiser event scheduled for June 17th. If you’re not familiar, this is an amazing structure to support artists and simultaneously raise time to be volunteered to community organizations. It is highly innovative in many ways, and we’re pleased to be exploring ways in which TEDxCalgary and the local Calgary Timeraiser group can collaborate more closely moving forward.

All this said, we’re also looking forward to having our own follow-on events to continue the more deliberate TEDxCalgary conversations that we started with the inaugural event. We’re also looking at an emerging number of options for our next event based on models from across the TEDx community globally. Stay tuned for further, and in the interim let us know if there’s a conversation that you think we or our community of participants would benefit from being connected to. Simply email us, or let us (and others) know through commenting on the post!

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