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TEDxCalgary 2011 is coming!


We’re very pleased to announce that our application for renewal of our TEDxCalgary licence has been approved, clearing the way for a second TEDxCalgary event in the spring of 2011. Many, many thanks to the incredible organizing team at TEDx headquarters for their support, both in terms of wrapping up our 2010 event and getting us back on the slate for 2011!

Our local organizing team will be taking most of the summer off (all two weeks of it, if Calgary weather continues the way it has been… *sigh*), then returning to planning for our next event. We have several potential alternatives under review, and we’re actively looking for YOUR ideas on what our next event should look like. If you’d like to share your thoughts, use the comments feature or email us!

In the interim, we’ll be continuing to release some of the interviews we conducted with potential speakers (those who couldn’t make it to the event, but whom we wanted to have heard) and seeking to connect with like-minded groups across the city. We’re already making progress on those fronts, and will be looking to bring even more bridging events to your attention as we move forward.

If you’re not already signed up, consider attending the June 30th event with the Calgary Innovation Exchange group. There are many hard-charging social innovators like you out there who are trying to make a difference, and they occasionally gather under a single roof for a beverage of a sociable nature… be one of them!

For now, stay tuned… and enjoy your Calgary summer while it lasts!

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