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The pride of TEDx


As a local TEDx organizing committee, the TEDxCalgary team is exceptionally proud to have been involved in today’s TEDxLive event from TED2011. Throughout the day, we’ve been treated to an awesome roster of speakers and performers who have provoked, educated, and entertained. The experience was everything we had hoped it would be, and more.

Our team is equally pleased to have been able to present today in collaboration with our extremely talented colleagues from the TEDxYYC organizing team, and to welcome members of the TEDxRed Deer team, who are getting set to hold their first event later this year.

For all of us at TEDxCalgary, and likewise for all of the TEDx events watching the TEDxLive web stream across the globe, there is pride in being part of the TEDx world. It is deeply rewarding for us to know that there are others out there who share a similar passion for spreading ideas that can change the course of humanity, and connect us as fellow humans.

Above all, we commend the courage and foresight of the TED/TEDx organization for opening up the brand to our involvement. It is, we hope, a relationship of mutual benefit that will last for a long time. For TED/TEDx, we are committed brand evangelists and promoters, and hopefully also seen as partners in one of humanity’s most intriguing collaborative efforts. For us as organizers, TED is an unparalleled vehicle for engaging others in our community in discussions about the issues that humanity needs to explore: deeply, thoughtfully, and urgently.

For those who were able to attend the event today, we thank you for your committed engagement, and we look forward to a continuing relationship with you as we get set to run our second main TEDxCalgary event in June. TEDxCalgary starts with you, and you are the energy that powers the “X”.

Visit our TEDxCalgary page on Flickr to see some of our event photos in the collage below…

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